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Regional Coordinator Challenge Coin Recipients
Regional Coordinator Recipient Title/Position Date Awarded
LT Doria General Martin Dempsey, USA 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 12/7/11
LT Doria SGT Dakota Meyer, USMC (Ret.) Medal of Honor recipient 12/7/11
LT Doria RDML Karl Schultz, USCG Director CG COMREL 8/1/11
LT Doria Ms. Deborah Claiborne CG COMREL 8/1/11
LT Doria Ms. Angela Hirsch Co Chief CG COMREL 8/1/11
LT Doria Ms. Natalie Granger Co Chief CG COMREL 8/1/11
CWO Gilheany Timothy Dolan Archbishop, Diocese of NY 3/17/11
CWO Henry Joanne Pendleton For Contributions in the development of the CG Tartan and creation of the Pipe Band Logo 8/12/09
LTJG Doria Vincent Patton, Ed.D., MCPOG, USCG Ret. 8/11/09
CWO Henry Gail & Tony Kowalski Boyden House, Grand Haven, MI 8/1/09
CWO Henry Andy Vanderhoek American Legion Post 28, Grand Haven, MI 7/31/09
CWO Henry LCDR Robert Hemp, USCG C.O. SFO Grand Haven 7/31/09
CWO Gilheany CAPT Marcus Woodring, USCG COTP Houston 7/23/09
LTJG Doria ADM Thad Allen, USCG Commandant 4/16/09
LTJG Doria VADM Vivien Crea, USCG Vice Commandant 4/16/09
LTJG Doria MCPO Charles "Skip" Bowen, USCG Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard 4/16/09
LTJG Diroa RADM Dale Gable, USCG Commander 1st Coast Guard District 4/13/09
LTJG Doria CAPT Liam Murphy, USN (Ret) Military Liaison, NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade 4/13/09
LTJG Doria CAPT Robert O'Brien Jr., USCG Commander, Sector New York 4/13/09
LTJG Doria CAPT James McPherson, USCG Commander, Sector Northern New England 4/13/09
LTJG Doria VADM Robert J. Papp Jr., USCG Commander Atlantic Area/Defense Force East 4/13/09
LTJG Doria Police Chief Michael Scagnelli, NYPD Chief of Transportation 4/13/09


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