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Membership in the band is open to all active duty, reserve and retired members of the U. S. Coast Guard, active members of the U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and honorably discharged wartime Coast Guard Veterans who support the purposes of the band. In addition to bagpipers and drummers, membership is also open to those who are otherwise qualified but who are not proficient in the playing of bagpipes or drums but who can serve the Pipe Band in other capacities such as color guards, liaison coordination and similar support functions.

Step One

If you're interested in becoming a member of the Pipe Band, please contact the Regional Coordinator (listed below) for the district in which you normally reside. He/she will assist you in the application process and provide you with a user name and password for the Members Area of the website where you can review the band’s bylaws and music and obtain additional information. If there is no Regional Coordinator, contact the Pipe Major. Download the Band Application and complete in as much detail as possible.

Band Application [.pdf file]

Step Two

Send the application to the Band Secretary. He/she will review it to confirm the applicants eligibility and forward it to the applicable Band Officer(s) for further action. Upon notification of acceptance, you will become a member of the band.

Step Three

After becoming a member, prospective Pipers & Drummers will need to audition to become a performer. This audition may be in person, over the telephone or through an audio recording. The Pipe Major or Drum Sergeant will determine the audition method and schedule the audition with the prospective performer. The member will be notified in advance of what will be required in the audition (i.e. tunes, settings, exercises, etc) If a prospective performer is not found to have achieved adequate proficiency, they will be considered “in training” for the requested position. Proficiency for non-playing positions (such as Color Guard and Administrative positions) will be determined by the appropriate band officer.

A member who has been a member of the Band for at least a year and who has participated in at least one national event or two local events approved by the Pipe Major within the past twenty-four months shall be considered an active member with voting rights.

Regional Coordinators

Regional COordinators are listed below. Upon acceptance into the Band you should be hearing from them and the appropriate Band Officer depending on the position for which you applied. For a list of the area served by each Regional Coordinator, refer to the Engaging the Pipe Band Link in the left column.

District Regional Coordinator
D1 Mike Mone
D5 Jeff Burton
D7 Steve Rogers
D8 South Brian Shajari
D8 Western Rivers Ben Kenney
D9 Dave Linder
D11 Dean McFarren
D13 Vacant
D14 Vacant
D17 Vacant
Pipe Major ML Loudermilk

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201 South 2nd Street
Fort Pierce, FL 34950