U.S. Coast Guard Clan Badge image


Officers and Directors
President BMCS Steve Cochran, USCG (Ret)
Vice President Capt Harry Dudley, USCG (Ret)
Treasurer Jack Pierce, USCG Aux
Secretary Bob Miller, USCG Aux
Director RM2 M. L. Loudermilk, USCG Combat Veteran
Director John Quinn, USCG Aux
Director CWO3 Michael Henry, USCG (Ret)
Director CAPT Warren Whitley, USCGR (Ret)
Operations Officer LT Jacqueline Bethel, USCG
Assistant Operations Officer Christopher Ware, USCGAUX

Pipe Major ML Loudermilk, USCGAUX
Drum Major Kevin Conquest, USCGAUX
First Asst. Drum Major LT Michael Doria, USCGR (Ret)
Second Asst. Drum Major Nathan Gardner, USCGAUX
Pipe Sergeant - D5 BMCS Steve Cochran, USCGR (Ret)
Pipe Sergeant D7 John Quinn, USCGAUX
Pipe Sergeant - D9 CWO3 Michael Henry, USCG (Ret)
Senior Drum Sergeant - D13 IV1 Jim Taylor, USCGR (Ret)
Drum Sergeant (Side Drum) - D13 CAPT Harry Dudley, USCG (Ret)
Pipe Corporal - D9 LCDR Jeff Burton, USCG (Ret)
Pipe Corporal - D1 LT Mike Doria, USCGR (Ret)
Pipe Corporal - D7 Steve Rogers, USCGAUX
Pipe Corporal - D13 MKCM Paul Rothwell, USCG (Ret)
Side Drum Corporal - D5 Chet Strait, USCGAUX (CDR, USN Ret)

Important Contacts
Senior Auxiliary Liaison COMO Arthur P. Reichling, USCGAUX
Quartermaster John Quinn, USCG AUX
Color Guard Commander Vacant
Color Guard Sergeant Kevin Ritchie, USCGAUX
Public Affairs Coordinator Vacant
Registered Agent David L. Lairson, USCGAUX

Charter Members
Andrew Anderson
Michael Doria
Michael Fink
Iain Anderson
Paul Rothwell
Kevin Gilheany
Steve Cochran
Michael Henry
Steve Young
Renee Blue 'Oconnell
Jim Taylor

Plank Owners (Members at the time of Incorporation)
Andy Anderson
Dave Bailey
Jeff Burton
Steve Cochran
Bill Dell
Michael Doria
Andy Flynn
Kevin Gilheany
Michael Henry
Ken Hines
Whit Irwin
Paul Rothwell
James Taylor
Steve Young
Bill Tubbs

U.S. Coast Guard Pipe Band, Inc.
Suite 203
201 South 2nd Street
Fort Pierce, FL 34950